Artist Roster


Prateek Kuhad is one of the most promising artists in the Indian independent music scene. With his unique blend of minimal, folk arrangements and pop rock melodies, he effortlessly captures life's complexities in his songs.


Anurag Kashyap, is an Indian film director, writer, producer and actor, known for his work in Hindi cinema. For his contributions to film, the Government of France awarded him the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres (Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters) in 2013.


Indian Ocean is widely regarded as one of India’s foremost bands. They have been around for over two decades, and have earned a cult following with their unique sound.


Sanjay depicts real life stories that highlight hypocrisy, and moral corruption, and makes it a point to talk about issues close to his heart, be it fake urban life styles, pseudo nationalism, police atrocities, etc.


India's premiere comedy-rock band! Brain child of Comedian Vir Das, Alien Chutney is a mix of sophisticated original music with insane and retarded lyrics. It is completely arbid and yet entirely relatable, unexpected and yet familiar. The band features Vir Das, Sidd Coutto, Kaizad Gherda, Johan Pais and Apurv 'Lala' Isaac on Guitars.


Magician. Hypnotist. Mind Reader. Psychological Illusionist. Chicken Eater. Book Reader. Dog Lover. What describes Karan Singh best is, "He's an illusion!"


Aisi Taisi Democracy is a 90 minute political satire featuring Sanjay Rajoura, Varun Grover and Rahul Ram. Expect pointed barbs at all that is weird, funny, surreal, and downright doped out in our bhaarat-varsh. Politically incorrect.


Jeeveshu is a supercool, fair and cute PUN-jabi in the comedy world. His comedy career began as an extension to his antics at a mundane desk job. His humour style is derived from observational everyday conversations, quirky monologues, peculiar situations and some eccentric friends. Endowed with a rare snappy sense of humour and a vivacious flair for comedy, Jeeveshu has risen notably from a novice to an audience favourite across all ages. He made his Bollywood debut with “Tamasha” starring Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone directed by Imitaz Ali. He is a TEDx speaker and you can spot him on TV in various commercials.


Parvaaz is a contemporary Indian music band whose four members have assimilated several international progressive/psychedelic rock influences but their own expression has a rooted-ness that makes their sound unique. They sing mostly in Kashmiri and Urdu and their own line-up reflects the diversity they come from. Khalid Ahamed (vocals), Mir Kashif Iqbal (guitars), Sachin Banandur(drums) and Fidel Dsouza (bass) constitute the Bangalore- based rock group.


Kamakshi Khanna is a Delhi based singer songwriter playing RnB, soul and pop music. Her music is the perfect amalgamation of the old and new, transcending age groups to appeal to everyone alike. From beautiful, hummable melodies to meaningful and relatable lyrics, her songs take you on a musical journey that has to be experienced.