About Us

Big Bad Wolf can be briefly described as an artist management agency with a conducive, friendly environment. We take pride in the fact that we haven’t really found a definition for ourselves. Based out of Delhi, our little nook of an office houses a crew that is extremely passionate about the artists we represent. We work closely with all our talents, doing a range of things that is most conveniently classified under the larger umbrella of “managing” an artist.

Applying ourselves with an attitude that is an ideal mixture of skeptic and idealistic, we completely devote ourselves to the ideas and aims of our artists. Our artist roster reflects who we are, and we unabashedly spend days at the office listening and watching their content. 

We also work with various brands to help them find appropriate creative solutions for their needs. During such projects, the nature of relations is not of an artist and a sponsor, but of two brands collaborating to create something unique.

We’ve worked on various large-scale projects such as Indian Ocean’s album launches of Tandanu and 16/330, The NH7 Weekender, and The Dewarists (Bronze Winner at Cannes Lion 2012), all of which are examples of how brands and artists can work together in an ecosystem without losing individual identity. Each had tangible results on all possible metrics with online, on ground and digital targets.

To avoid the constricting structure of a compartmentalized setup, we have no real designations here. This allows for a more flexible and open environment, ideal for the development of our brand and artists alike. We are proud to say the people we manage are often the thought starters or innovators for projects, and look forward to developing talents from all fields that show great promise.