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Big Bad Wolf can be briefly described as an artist management agency with a conducive, friendly environment. We take pride in the fact that we haven’t really found a definition for ourselves. Based out of Delhi, our little nook of an office houses a crew that is extremely passionate about the artists we represent. We work closely with all our talents, doing a range of things that is most conveniently classified under the larger umbrella of “managing” an artist.

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Big Bad Wolf Prive

Big Bad Wolf Prive is the division of Big Bad Wolf Entertainment that provides curated entertainment solutions for private, public, corporate and all other types of events as well as weddings. When we are all different, why should the entertainment we indulge in be the same? At Big Bad Wolf we believe each show is an opportunity for us move away from the regular. Every event is an opportunity for us to rise to the occasion, and we provide unique solutions to every brief – unlike anything other that has been done before. From curating a festival to finding the right connect between brand, talent and idea; we like to believe that our experience and aesthetic knowledge sets us apart in the world of curated events.

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